Saturday, November 29, 2008

Domino, the Cat Saved by Apple Cider Vinegar

One night 8 years ago as my daughter and I were driving home from my fiance's house, I suddenly saw two tiny faces next to a mailbox post - one all white and one black and white. I said to Mandy, "Did you see that?" and stopped the car. The two kittens ran off into the bramble, and Mandy and I in our shorts and sandals were no match for the thorn bushes and could not find them in the dark. In tears, we got back into the car. "Don't worry, honey, I'll stop on my way to work tomorrow and try to find them," I said. The next morning, I stopped, and found that there were actually three white kittens and on black & white tuxedo kitten. They ran fast and kept going into a culvert underneath the road where I couldn't catch them. At lunchtime, I got one of the guys at work to go back with me. The white kittens were still too fast, but the little tuxedo was lagging behind and I caught him. For my trouble, he bit my finger and I had to go get a tetanus shot. I took him back to the office where the other girls fed him tuna from a can. I kept trying to catch the white kittens and finally told another lady at PetsMart about them and she and her husband went to get them. I never saw them again after that so I hope they caught them all.

Domino was only four weeks old - too young to be taken from his mama - so I bottle-fed him for a couple weeks. I was getting married in a month, so he actually attended the wedding and the honeymoon, which was at my ex-husband's cottage in Deep Creek, MD. The above photo was taken on our honeymoon. I think if it weren't for him and his antics, we would have been bored to death because it was freezing that week in July 2000.

As a result of the bottle feeding, Domino became a suckler. He would get under the covers with me and snuggle into my arms, and suckle on the inside of my elbow. He is now 8 years old and still does this from time to time. He is still my "little kittles."

When Dommie was about 5 years old, he developed a bald spot on his shoulder. I thought it was from the Fontline I used on him. But then he started to develop bald spots all over and eventually lot almost all of his hair. In the meantime, he was also losing weight. The vet ran tests and told me he had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), which is a deadly and unfortunately, highly contagious, disease. He said Domino would live maybe a couple months at best.

I was devastated, not only for Domino, who is my baby, but for my other 13 cats who had now been exposed to this horrible disease. I cried for two weeks. Of course, I quarantined Dommie in my "sick room" which is my spare bedroom. Every day I would go in and sit with him for a couple hours and hold him while reading a book, or just rock him in the rocking chair. I cried and cried. The vet told me to give him subcutaneous fluids and keep his water freshened a couple times a day. The fluids were a joke. I had four people trying to hold down this 6-pound cat so I could get a needle in him, and he would have none of it. It was impossible. I just figured I would make him as comfortable as possible.

One day I was in his room eating a banana popsicle, and Domino started licking the other side. He loved it and ate almost the whole thing! After that I took him banana popsicles every day.

One day I was researching his disease on the Internet, and I ran across an article about someone who had given their cat apple cider vinegar to help with kidney failure, which was one of the symptoms of FIP. What can it hurt, I thought. I started putting a dropperful of apple cider vinegar into Dommie's water bowl every time I changed it. Within a couple weeks, I noticed his hair growing back in. Then I noticed he was putting on weight. I kept up with the vinegar therapy, and after a month or two, Domino was back to his normal weight and looked fantastic. Jubilant, I let him out of the sick room. Boy, was his girlfriend Peek-A-Boo glad to see him.

That was three years ago, and Domino is still doing fine. The only symptom he has is that his third eyelids are always a little bit up, which is a sign of illness in cats, and one eye has a chronic redness problem which I give him eye salve for. But absolutely no sign of kidney failure or FIP, and none of the other cats have gotten sick.
Do I believe in apple cider vinegar? You bet I do! It saved Domino's life.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad I read this. I use BRAGGS orgainc Apple Cider Vinegar for myself and it has great benefits. My cat is sick and is throwing up. I feel sooooo horrible. I took her tot he vet and they gave me amicillin for possible UTI infection but she is still throwing up. I was not sure about giving her the apple cider vinegar since I don;t know what the cause of her vomiting is from. Again I am glad I read your story. I hope that she will hold on a bit longer so that I can try the vinegar and see if this will help her.

Murphy's Cats said...

I use Spectrum Naturals ACV for myself every day too, 2 tablespoons in a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of honey. It is good for so many things, from arthritis to digestive problems and weight loss. Good luck with your kitty, I hope she gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear your kitty is doing so well and recovered.

FIP is a fatal disease, and sadly one with out a proper diagnosis. Since you can ONLY diagnose it with a biopsy or a necropsy it is rarely diagnosed with any accuracy.

it is a disease that drs come to when they have rulled everything else out. If you have a vet with a limited imagination or experience, they will come up with FIP before other vets.

I have seen vets diagnose FIP when it clearly was not. One poor kitten was put down after one vet diagnosed with a neurolgical problem, and the second vet said FIP. a necropsy was done, and it was not FIP.

FIP is a mutation of the corona virus. Any "test" a vet says can test for FIP only tests for the corona virus - which most cats have been exposed to. The test is worthless.

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Unknown said...

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a mutation of the Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV). Many cats get and carry FECV but show no symptoms and it is not deadly. The mutation to FIP happens within the individual cat and CANNOT BE SPREAD to other cats. Only FECV may be spread, but again the mutation happens WITHIN THE CAT and not in nature. There is absolutely no test for FIP and it's VERY hard to diagnose. It sounds to be like you had an extremely sick kitten though, and I do believe in the power of Apple Cider Vinegar and I'm glad it saved your kittles. :) I wish you and your cats well!

Maria B said...

.Wonderful Story! Im going to be applying some ACV on my boy cat this summer because he is infested with fleas, never has been, and I want to give him something natural instead of a bunch of chemicals at petco that might waste my time and money. I hear ACV helps with fleas! Btw, Domino is a cutie!

Trish said...

I have always wondered if cats were reincarnated. How else could so many of them end up in Heaven? When I saw Domino's picture, I could have sworn it was my Ralphie. They are completely identical. Ralphie was a "failure to thrive" kitten at the Shelter where I volunteered. He weighed about 2 pounds at 1 year of age. That was 3 years ago. Now, he's a gorgeous, healthy boy that weighs almost 9 pounds. He's afraid of nothing and rules the house of cats and dogs. Thank you for your blog. I love using ACV. I wish more people would!

Anonymous said...

My cat Naufal had FIP too. I'm so sad when I knew there is no cure for it. Lucky I found your fantastic blog! I will buy ACV tomorrow without delay! Thank you so much and send my kiss to Domino..

Terima kasih..

Johor, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I lost one of most beloved cats to FIP .FIP is,considered 100% fatal by western medicine. I did everything you can imagine to save him .
Herbs homeopathy T cyte injections . My entire life revolved around his feeding medication schedule .
I even bought a 2000$ Douglas coil ,which arrived the day after he died .
If curing him was as simple as this ,it breaks my heart again .
At present ,I have one of my lost boys pals,who hs been diagnosed with lymphoma .
I'm doing the herbs again ,but now I'm adding turmeric ,and a solution of ACV and green tea.
I was told three days ago ,to just euthanize him .
He couldn't breathe ,and the tumor is keeping him from swallowing. He hadn't kept food down in four days.
I started the regimen .
His lungs have cleared up,and hes keeping food down .
This won't be easy ,but we are going to keep at it.
Reading your story gives me hope.
From nyc

Anonymous said...

will it help my kitty? I went to visit her this morning and she was sitting in the little bed I made her--something she doesn't often do--and was looking sleepy. I went over and she wasn't looking good. I knew she was dehydrated after a little inspection. there was nothing wrong with her before this morning, as far as I could tell. she's been resting wherever she ends up all day and the only way she'll eat/drink is if I make her. :(

Tania Legowski said...

Thank you so much for your post. I am so glad your kitty recovered. It is so good to see some other people out there believing in natural remedies. You can't really trust anyone these days... even vets.

My little kitten Annie was rescued from the pet shop. I found out she is only 6-7 weeks old and has roundworm. This also means she is severely underweight. Classified as a 'failure to thrive' kitten. She has been given subcutaneous fluids twice. Does this not help? She also only has diarrhea.

She is taking lectade solution daily every hour and A/D critical care wet food every half hour.

I hope she pulls through. I want her to get rid of those nasty worms, but because she is tiny, she is struggling.

I am starting to put apple cider vinegar in with her water. Lets hope.

In another article I read that kyolic aged garlic capsule powder mixed in with food might save her as well.

jackie said...

People like you make this world a much better place to live in

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi I wish I found your blog 3 years ago,and since I lost my beloved kitten, I been using only natural holistic methods of staying healthy from healing crystals food grade edible clay that is beneficial for all living beings god bless and I am so happy your beautiful kitty is alive wishing you both and long happy healthy life blessings.

Eyqa Zainuldin, MY said...

Hi. I would like to aske you. Is it real that apple vinegar can cured my cat frm FIP? Pls rep. I need your answer, my cat lose appetite and pasive, I feel very sad and give up. Pls help me

Eyqa Zainuldin, MY said...

Hi. I would like to aske you. Is it real that apple vinegar can cured my cat frm FIP? Pls rep. I need your answer, my cat lose appetite and pasive, I feel very sad and give up. Pls help me

Polythene Pam said...

Hi Eyqa,
I cannot say that your cat would be cured with ACV, as I am not a vet. I can say that Domino was diagnosed with FIP and given a few weeks to a few months to live, and with the ACV therapy he lived four more years after that. He still died very young at 9 years old. I think you need to take your kitty to the vet so they can determine what's wrong, first and foremost. I hope he gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, God bless. Just a quick question - do you use commercial ACV (e.g. the clear, golden Heinz) or raw, unfiltered organic ACV (the ones with sediments at the bottom) like Bragg?

Thank you!

Izzie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, God bless. Just a quick question - do you use commercial ACV (e.g. the clear, golden Heinz) or raw, unfiltered organic ACV (the ones with sediments at the bottom) like Bragg?

Thank you!

mardhiah sakinah said...


Anonymous said...

Good sharing, yes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

Anonymous said...

how much apple cider vinegar do you give kitty per day? ie-1/4 tsp, or 1/8th tsp and how much do you dilute it so they will eat their food if you add to the food-many questions-
Thank you-

Marsha said...

I volunteer at my local Animal Shelter and we use ACV for URI. It seems to help the adult cats who come in congested and goopy eyes. We just had a dropper of ACV to their water dish. Some of the adult cats at the shelter when I'm there I just pour some ACV on their front paws so they cats get a dose in case they aren't drinking their water. They don't seem to mind the taste at all.

Just wondering what type of FIP did Domino have? The University of Davis Vet hospital have published papers re: FIP and it states there are 2 kinds of FIP. A Wet and Dry variety. At the shelter we've see many kittens who only live to 3-6 months with the Wet kind of FIP. I have also heard that cats who develop the Dry kind of FIP can live longer than the ones with Wet variety of FIP.

I foster kittens for the Shelter and will start using ACV in the water dish for my foster kittens. Ive had at least 4 kittens in the last 3 years who developed FIP, where their bellies fill with fluid and they drink mega amounts of water. For the kits I've lost to FIP I was not using ACV in their water.

amylin shamsudin said...

Help me please. My cat has FIP. How do i feed the ACV to him? How many times a day to feed? How much of ACV to feed each time? +60162633840 appreciate if anyone can advise me..

Polythene Pam said...

Hello! I just added a teaspoonful to his water bowl each time I filled it, and I changed the water often to keep it fresh. Dommie lived for another year after this post.

Rahim Tamboli Sir. said...

My cat (male)Manuli has been suffering from UTI since July2016.I read your blog.I have given him the first dose of apple cider.I m looking forward for better results.

Anonymous said...

That's still so young.
However glad he got to experience a lot of love and was rescued by you.

Alice Hollenbeck said...

I would live update

Anonymous said...

My cat has been diagnosed with Feline Plasma Pododermatitis. Can ACV help at all with this condition. Her paw pads are very spongy and one of them was bleeding.

Anonymous said...

My Cat seemed really bloaty lately and sluggish. It seemed to come on from stress. He just lost his little brother a month and a half ago. I purchased enzymes with probiotics from pet store and he seemed like the digestive issues were no better and was just as sluggish, if not more. HIs eyes seemed to be developing a cloudy look to them. I stopped the store bought enzyme/probiotic. ABOUT 3 days ago decided to add 1/4 tsp to his wet food as per another site that was supportive of ACV. They suggested also a tsp homemade chicken stock. MIne was frozen so only used the ACV but the wet food I use has a fair bit of gravy surrounding the pate. After just 3 days his eyes are clear again, He,s looking a bit trimmer and improved mood and energy. Yaay

Scubadoobiedoo said...

The ACV is new information to me but I've had great luck with a full spectrum probiotic for barfs and hairballs with cats. I suggest Mercola or NWC Naturals since I've had success with both.

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