Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tomcat Cruise

I could not resist this little face when I went to PetsMart in Uniontown on August 1. I am a total sucker for tuxedo cats. The Animal Friends of Barbour County, WV, were there with about 30 kittens, and I fell in love with this little guy. He was about 12 weeks old at that time, and according to Dr. Duel, he's going to be huge (look at those feet!).

I call him Tomcat Cruise, or TC for short. Like Domino, he must have been taken from his mama too soon, because every time I give him some lovins or pet him, he immediately curls up in a ball and starts suckling on his own belly! He will sometimes do this for up t0 20 minutes, and it's loud enough to disturb my sleep, all the while purring like a locomotive and doing his pushy-paws.

TC loves little furry mousie toys, and he loves to pounce on his brothers and sisters with all four feet. They are generally not amused, but I must give Reese (the house thug) credit, he has not attacked the little one. I think he realizes he's just a baby. Maybe Reese has a heart after all.

Little TC is very attached to me and follows me everywhere. When I try to leave the house, he runs into the mudroom with me and I have to put down all my stuff, pick him up, and put him back in the house. Then he cries. If I pat my thighs, he will jump up on me (in hindsight, probably not a good idea for him to learn that since he will probably weigh over 15 pounds). He sleeps at my feet, all stretched out to his full length.

He is a very lovable addition to our family.

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