Sunday, March 22, 2009


Karuna is the Buddhist term for compassion, which is what I felt when I saw this gorgeous kitten who had been heartlessly dropped in the yard of my neighbor's daughter. Knowing that the Crazy Cat Lady lived next door to her mom, Carol found my number and called me. I agreed to let her bring the kitten to my house so I could check her out and try to find a home for her.

When I saw this face, my heart melted. This photo was taken the day she arrived at my house. Try to find a home for her? Fuggetaboudit, she already found a home!

Karuna is a sweet, gorgeous long-haired dilute calico with the cutest facial markings I have seen. She's a bit plump, according to Dr. Duel, but not fat. Her big plume of a tail is carried straight up, with the top half flopping from side to side in a constant wave.

Just like Maria in West Side Story, Karuna immediately fell in love with Reese, the bad boy of my brood. She follows him everywhere and constantly head-butts him for attention and kisses. This is amazing to see, because Reese pretty much terrorizes all of the other cats, and they all hate him, but Karuna gets kisses on the top of her head. He has even taught her to scratch on the dining room chairs, just like he does. They can usually be found together, as they are in this picture.

Karuna will be two years old this summer and is still the youngest in the family. She is an amazing, sweet, beautiful girl.

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