Friday, March 20, 2009


Here is my 14-year-old thyroid patient, Timmy, in his favorite place - the kitchen. He almost never leaves the kitchen anymore. I wish he would come to bed with the rest of us and sleep in a nice, warm bed - but he prefers the floor beside the refrigerator or the wooden kitchen table. Sometimes he will sleep in that nice cuddly blue bed I bought him, but Sweet Pea seems to have taken that over.

Timmy has never in his life, to my knowledge, drank water from a bowl. Instead, he stands on the sink and stares at me until I turn the water on for his "dinky." I have probably let hundreds of dollars worth of water go down the drain because I forgot Timmy was having a dinky and walked away - sometimes for hours or even overnight before I come back and hear the water trickling. Ugh! I try to leave the light on over the sink as a reminder that the water's on, but it doesn't always work. Timmy doesn't even let the other cats drink out of the bowl - as soon as I fill the bowls up, he goes over and splashes all of the water out with his paws. This is such a huge problem that I keep water bowls in several places in the house so the other cats can have some water, poor things.

Timmy still takes 2 thyroid pills a day and is doing really well. He now wants to eat everything in sight, including pizza, cinnamon rolls, bread, cheese, etc. He is on a carb craze apparently. But that's okay because he was so skinny and now he's filling out again and his fur is shiny. Tonight he snorfed down the end of a piece of pizza I gave him. Every Saturday (don't ask me how he knows, maybe because I sleep late and make tea), he begs for milk until I give him some in a bowl. That he will drink from a bowl.

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Joe said...

My dog does the exact same thing, except she leaves a trail of water from the drips off her chin.